The observant programmer

How to use surveillance for your own needs.

In this tale, you will learn how our hero keeps track of where the villains are and what they do. The Police is also interesting to investigate. This is especially interesting when they do not want to be investigated.

Backyard Murders

A sorted story of long brewing resentment.

Helen is due some leave from her job as an investigator with the police. On her morning run, she finds a young girl stuffed in the snow. At first, she allows her colleagues to run the case, but the murderer has other ideas. Even Helen does not know how close she is to the investigation. 

The first colony

Arriving on the first Torus colony is an impressive sight.

Working in the asteroid belt mostly means controlling and maintaining either mining operations or construction of space habitats. What happens in the First Torus during downtime is not so mundane.